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Who is Silverback?


Proprietary product, priced right, pro-fitted & professionaly raced.





Visionary Company

First to combine matte and gloss paint graphics in 2007

First bike with a USB charging hub

First company worldwide to commit to the 27.5" wheel concept at Eurobike 2012

First to introduce and revolutionize the online retail experience with Select & Collect

Partners with Swedish Luxury Vehicle Brand Volvo to form a mountain bike race team "Silverback-Volvo"

Launches E-Bike & E-Fatbike : The S-Electro & S-Electro Fat in 2018

iF Design Award winner for the Superbike Concept Superspeed in 2018

Research & Development

Silverback continuously invests in R&D and annual new proprietary frame mould development:
Averaging 3 moulds per year and a total of
200 000 – 300 000 USD of R&D costs per year.

Silverback Frames & Bikes meet the tough industry benchmarks:
EN/UCI and the new ISO standards.

What does the logo mean?

The Silverback arrow is our symbol of quality and design excellence. We believe in innovation and fostering a culture of Forward Thinking, Progressive Design, exemplified by developing faster, better, lighter bicycles.

Our logo’s circular and arrow design features encapsulate all of the above.
"The Science of Motion"

"This mark of excellence is applied to
everything we do"

Bikes, branding, communication, design, development, business relations and customer service

The BIC Metric or "Best In Class" Metric is how we develop the best possible bike. We believe in delivering the best price/specification/quality ratio in the industry.

BIC means that Silverback customers get the most desirable technology at an affordable price. These metrics include: frame design, weight, bike finish, aesthetics and specifications all at the right price.

Frame Design




Bike Finish





Select & Collect ™

Pioneering A New Way.

24/7 Access


Expertly Assembled

Find Your Fit

Bike Comparison

Free First Service

Silverback Technologie GmbH Germany

The Silverback headquarters based in Stuttgart, Germany is the central hub for the designs, development and ownership of the brand. The centre contains a state-of-the-art cineplex, an Advanced Riding Dynamic Studio, an ultra modern factory that boast not only all of the Silverback models but also a photography studio, interactive media screens and a technologically advanced lab where the bikes are assembled and specifications are calculated to the scientific right fit for rider.

Performance through Innovation

Our Superspeed was awarded the 2018 iF Design Award for Excellence in Design. Focused on XC and marathon racing, the Superspeed frame is designed around Monoburst, where the seat stay bypasses the seat tube and joins directly to the top tube. This feature, along with specific UD Toray carbon layups, tube shapes and diameters, allows vertical flex in key areas whilst maintaining stiffness under pedaling and in handling.

German Design Award

Silverback wins the German Design Award 2016 for Sesta Concept 1.0


The Concept 1.0 Sesta is a brand-new top racing machine with a carbon body and full suspension. It was developed to meet the needs of high-performance cross-country bike racers and offers an ideal balance of stiffness, geometry, weight and efficient suspension kinematics. An expertly designed, precisely crafted high-tech sport device for maximal riding experience, comfort and performance.

Race Winning. Award Wining

Silverback wins an Eurobike Award in 2014 for the Sesta.

The Sesta won this coveted award whilst still in the prototype phase. The jury bestowed this award based on the design and the innovative BURST Suspension, which later raced to great success on the World Cup circuit and the Cape Epic.

German Brand Award

Marke . Brand    Eine Marke. Ein Unternehmen. Viel Erfindergeist und technische Neugier – die Silverback Technologie GmbH blickt auf eine inzwischen 12-jährige Erfolgsgeschichte zurück: insgesamt 45 Jahre Erfahrung, globale Ausrichtung in 49 Ländern, Gestaltung einzelner Produktplattformen und bahnbrechender Innovationen, führend in Design und Engineering, intelligente Federungstechnologien und eigentumsgeschützte Technologien. Das Ergebnis sind preisgekrönte Bikes: Eurobike Award 2011: Scalera Pro, Eurobike Award 2014: Sesta SBC und German Design Award 2016: Sesta SBC.

A brand. A company. A lot of ingenuity and technical curiosity, the Silverback Technologie GmbH looks back at a meanwhile 12-year success story:a total of 45 years of experience, a global orientation in 49 countries, the design of individual product platforms and ground breaking innovations, leading in design and engineering, intelligent suspension technologies and patented technologies. The result is award-winning bicycles: Eurobike Award 2011: Scalera Pro, Eurobike Award 2014: Sesta SBC and German Design Award 2016: Sesta SBC.

Award Winning.
Road Warrior.

Silverback wins an Eurobike Award in 2012 for the Scalera.

With the Scalera, Silverback was one of the first bike brands in the world to put disc brakes on a road bike. This carbon racing machine received the award for excellence in design and innovation, proving that Silverback is always ahead of the curve.

The world's first
USB bike

The Silverback Starke, the worlds first USB bike, receives a nomination for an Innovation & Design Award by the Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

The Silverback Starke, the worlds first USB bike, gets mentioned for its innovation and groundbreaking technology by T3 Magazine.

Brand & Design Recognition

Ideamensch brands Silverback as one of the most advanced bike companies in the world.

There is a Silverback dealer in most major centers. That means you have access to a wide network of experienced dealers and technicians to assist with your Silverback service.

The popularity of Silverback is evident by its availability in 52 countries. The list keeps growing as more people experience Silverback.

Our Suspension Technologies set us apart from our competitors. With research and testing, we develop the best possible suspension systems such as IDS and BURST.

Silverback is the title sponsor of the internationally renowned OMX Pro Bike Team.

We have received numerous awards for our innovative designs at major international Bike Shows and independent design forums.

With a proven track record, Silverback is positioned perfectly to use their knowledge to develop the best bikes.

With our Global Operations Centre based in Stuttgart, Germany; we are at the forefront of experiencing global trends. With our finger on the pulse, we are driving innovation to stay ahead.

Silverback offers the best bike at the best price. We have a wide range and we are priced better for spec and frame when compared to our competitors.

Our innovative Select & Collect system allows you to select your purchase online, then collect your order from your local store at your convenience. Follow the easy steps and your dream Silverback will soon be yours.

At Silverback we offer a wide selection of bikes, for all purposes, featuring Advanced Riding Dynamics. To do this, we are continuously looking at ways to do the best, better, and to offer our riders a game-changing experience.

We offer a conditional lifetime warranty on our frames.

Silverback partners with their professional dealer network in order to assure correct bicycle assembly and set-up.

At Silverback we love interacting directly with our consumers. If you want to learn more about us or enquire about new bikes just email us.

Great bikes are designed with the best tools. At Silverback we spare no expense and we design our frames utilising the best software available.

ARD underpins all our bike designs. ARD stands for Advanced Rider Dynamics. We focus on combining the best frame, fork and wheels to deliver a premium riding experience.

We listen, act and focus on the best brand experience.

With more than 45 years of combined industry experience, Silverback has the talents of committed and gifted individuals in-house. This makes us better. We have passion to deliver and perform.

At Silverback we focus on bikes and only bikes. Nothing distracts us from continuously driving innovation and designing the best possible bicycles.

We are proud of all our technological achievements. None of our frames are off the shelf. They are expertly engineered and designed in-house, based on our proprietary technologies.

2018 Racing Teams

Silverback has two racing teams
Silverback OMX Pro Team and Silverback Volvo.
Our athletes consist of men and women competing world wide at high level regional,
national and international level.

Luke Moir win 1st stage of the 2018 Internazionali d'Italia XCO U16

Tiffany Keep 2018 National Road and Time Trial Champion

Shaun-Nick Bester wins 2018 PE Plett, 3 day stage race

Yolande De Villiers wins 2018 Trans Baviaans mixed category

Mariske Strauss wins 2018 National XCO 2nd round

Silverback KMC takes 3rd place at the 2018 Absa Cape Epic

Frazer Clatherty takes 5th place at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Mariske Strauss places 7th at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

MTB World Cup Circuit

OMX Pro Bike Team races their Silverback Bikes in the 2017 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup event.

Top Results:

Annie Last's first World Cup win.
OMX first World Cup win.
Silverback's first World Cup win.

ABSA Cape Epic

British National Champion Annie Last and South African National Champion Mariske Strauss teamed up for the 2017 Cape Epic to finish the race in 2nd overall position. In 2018 the ladies joined forces again for the Cape Epic and finished in 3rd place overall.

Silverback at the Olympics

OMX Pro Team Rider Shlomi Haimy took part in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Follow The Race

Our athletes are competing worldwide at all major XCO and XCM events.
Keep up to date on the latest racing results by visiting our Media Center:

Suspension Science

Effective suspension design sets a brand apart from its competitors. Our groundbreaking IDS and BURST suspension systems are award-winning and race-proven.


Partnering with Shimano and using the lightweight Steps E8000 motor, we have launched the
S-ELECTRO range. This is a low noise, natural feeling e-bike that is energy efficient and recharges quickly.

Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp. is the foremost supplier of computer modeling software in the world and develops the 3D software tools that we use to create, simulate, publish and manage our bike development data. All Silverback bikes are developed using this tool and it allows us to push the design envelope to create the strongest, lightest frames possible.


Linkage is a powerful and featured-rich software package. This program allows us to create and fine tune a variety of suspension designs in a 2D environment.

The software allows us to analyse our suspension designs in a virtual environment. The concept is tested and refined before manufacturing begins. This means a saving on developmental and manufacturing costs, which in turn means Silverback can develop the best bikes without wasted expense, resulting in a lower cost to the consumer.

Silverback 3D Printing

To complement the talents of the product design team, Silverback has invested in a Rapid Prototyping Programme.

3D printing enables the product team to manufacture new designs in order to examine aesthetics and verify functionality. Again, this rapid prototyping allows us to speed up the design and development process.

What is Advanced Riding Dynamics?

The ARD (Advanced Riding Dynamics) equation encompasses our core value: to deliver a ride that has the best qualities for the given platform of bike at the given price. Correctly chosen parts help to make the bike perform admirably at its intended task, and our attention to detail shows in the end result.

Frame, fork and wheels are considered the key elements to enhancing the ride quality of any bicycle. We endeavor to design and specify these components in such a way that whether you are a road- or mountain bike rider, you receive a bike without any compromises.

Many of these features result in "Best in Class Metrics" (BIC).

Through the experience we have gained, we have come to understand that absolute lightweight is not everything, neither is stiff-as-stone the Holy Grail for bicycle frames either.

Both extremes result in a lack of either comfort or durability and often both. Rather, wisdom shows us that an optimum blend of stiffness and lightweight result in the perfect riding experience: a frame that is sufficiently stiff under pedaling load to move all your effort into forward motion while at the same time neither hampered by gravity or by the painful experience of a body too fatigued, from an overly rigid chassis, to pedal anymore.

A good balance of weight to stiffness is apparent when a bike performs equally well on ascents as descents, a compromise in either weight or stiffness will result in the rider focusing on the bike and not on the overall riding experience.

Online Platforms

Silverback Technologie GmbH opens gateway to a world of digital wonder. Our presence online has grown to an extended brand identity, striving from a commerce driven platform, through to a bike customization and media platform. Visit these platforms to find unique information about Silverback divisions.


#borntobefast has been trademarked by Silverback. This unique motto grew to be one of our key slogans, motivating the growing Silverback community to aspire to be the best

Follow Us On Social Media

Our social media following has exponentially grown over the last year. We use the most popular social media platforms to engage with our customers and keep them interested with fresh and exciting content.

B2B Communication

Our Business communications department ensures that our dealers and distributors are equipped with everything they need, allowing them to focus on sales. Our most powerful tool being our all encompassing Business Portal, which serves as a one-stop shop for dealers to access all the info they need.

Business Portal

Available On Our Business Portal:

Current Stock Lists
Online Ordering System
Warranty Claims Submissions
Guides & Manuals Available For Download
An Extensive Collection Of Photos & Videos
Latest Tech & Racing News

Explore The 2019 Range

Moving forward

We trust our creative instincts and this involves exploring the road less traveled towards the journey that lies ahead. Vision 2020 is our road map for winning together. We choose to be the best and we expect to be the best. We always strive for perfection and our quality is the highest expression of this.

Our 2019 production is in full swing and we are working toward advancing and leading the industry daily.

As Silverback is known as a brand for the people, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best, without exception.

We are the fastest growing brand globally and currently selling in 52 countries. We believe that our bicycles sculpt lives and this ignites our passion even more.

Join us in sharing Silverback's vision.

Deon Retief
Silverback Owner and Founder

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