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The brand Silverback was founded by, Deon Retief, entrepreneur, visionary and leader in the cycling industry. He has been enveloped in the bicycle industry since the early 90’s working for well-known bicycle manufacturers and has conducted extensive brand studies worldwide...

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Deon Retief who has visited over 500 independent bicycle dealers and sports retailers around the world, decided that he would start the Silverback Brand. Despite all odds he would enter the German market in Stuttgart, breeding ground for great brands like Mercedes and Porsche. Entering the world’s toughest market was a part of his vision to ensure his brand would evolve into 'the world’s most admired bike brand'.

I read more than I eat and sleep. Passion does not keep office hours.

Deon Retief
CEO, Founder & Owner



The road was filled with trials and tribulations for Deon, for the first 3 months he ran the company on his own, offloading 40ft containers by himself. Once in Germany, the embassy refused him a working permit, the local authorities held his vat refunds for over 2 years and he was refused to purchase land. The final insult was when local dealers chucked his catalog in the bin right in front of him and he was laughed at by his competitors, telling him he would never make it in the industry.

In 2011 Deon attended his first Eurobike with Silverback. He was given the worst location possible, resulting in Deon sleeping on the stand floor to protect the bicycles. The irony, we ended up winning a Eurobike Design award the next year. The rest is history and Deon’s never giving up spirit has brought Silverback to where we are today.


SINCE 2011


We were the first brand to combine matte and gloss paint graphics in 2007.


In 2011 mentioned as one of the top 100 innovative bike brands in the world.

The first company to launch a fully integrated E-City bike and the first company to produce a bicycle with a USB Port.

279" & 275" WHEEL CONCEPT

Proudly we were the first to test out the 279" wheel concept at Eurobike in 2012 and the first to invest in developing 275" bicycles.

Online E-Commerce

We were also the first bicycle brand to introduce a revolutionary online retail experience with our ‘Select & Collect’ system.

Silverback embraces

The Science in Motion

We are progressive and forward thinking, focused on process, design, development, acceleration and advancement of the bicycling innovation.

Deon Retief
CEO, Founder & Owner

The Silverback Head office in Stuttgart Germany is an industry leading ‘Innovation Center’ managed by an independent woman, Elena Retief who has accompanied Deon all the way on his road to success.

We pride ourselves as being a future forward, cutting edge company who uses engineering and suspension design software such as SolidWorks and Linkage to assist our designers in developing world class frame designs.

Our offices are geared for rapid prototyping with 3D Printers & CNC Machines which allows our designers to produce prototype linkage plates, forged parts, mounting hardware and more. This aids our design team in building full scale mockups for testing before products are sent to production.

Benefits and


Silverback is known as the brand where innovation takes prime spot, we have focused on innovative proprietary molds, investing over 5 million Euros a year in frame molds. The fruits of our labor has been acknowledged by a global audience, and Silverback is now a main competitor among other top bicycle brands.

2012 Eurobike Award


Eurobike Award

In 2012 Silverback had its first breakthrough in the global market when winning a Eurobike Award for the Scalera road bike.

2014 Eurobike Award


Eurobike Award

In 2014 Silverback received another Eurobike award for the BURST Suspension on our Sesta.

2016 German Design Award


German Design &
Brand Award

In 2016 we won both a German Design award for Sesta Concept 1.0 as well as a German Brand award.

2018 iF Design Award


iF Design Award

Adding to our list of awards, in 2018 we won an iF Design Award for Excellence in design for our Superspeed.

Our innovative designs such as our BUSRT, IDS, ESS technologies has allowed us to create award winning products placing us on the same playing field as all the other top bicycle brands in the world.



Our two racing teams Silverback OMX Pro Team and Silverback Volvo consistently place on the podium.

In 2017 Silverback OMX Pro rider Annie Last, made history by being the first elite British woman to win a medal at an UCI World Cup XCO event, when she placed 2nd in Cairns, Australia. Later in the year she won the UCI World Cup event in Lenzerheide, Switserland.

The world renowned international ABSA CAPE EPIC was a testing environment for our teams, but the ladies dominated in 2017 and 2018 by placing 2nd and 3rd overall. With Silverback OMX Pro Team athlete, Mariske Strauss showing her fighting spirit by racing through ailment and still finishing on the podium. Mariske truly embodies the Silverback brand and we relate her ‘never give up’ attitude that which Deon displayed through his years hardship.



We live according to our true mark of excellence, our Silverback arrow is a symbol of quality and design distinction. We believe in innovation and fostering a culture of Forward Thinking, Progressive Design, exemplified by developing faster, better, lighter bicycles.

We didn't want to just be another bike brand. We realized that there was a much bigger conversation, and we were interested in that conversation. Being in the cycling industry brought up a few new challenges heading into the millennial era and a digital age. Technology and online identities play a big role in competing with industry leaders and gaining recognition. Our approach was simple.

Silverback decided to move in-house with their external communications plan. In 2017 a reformation took place, a whole new division was established and new structures were implemented. It was this decision that pushed the company further on to its current world-renowned platform, with worldwide engagement from Europian, South-Pacific, African and Western unions.

Since the reformation we have extended the Silverback career platform, our business partner platform, and the way we sell and promote our products. We focus on interpersonal engagements and by doing this we have a current track record that is unmatched with our competitors. Leading the Brand identity via a digital channel and employing skilled experts who understand the digital criteria, but work within the brand, is the recipe to our current success story.

We have maximized our exposure rate, encouraged new ways to communicate with cyclists and “bike fanatics” and found comfort in our engagement strategies with the public. We continue winning each and every day. We make bikes that people love and enjoy, with the added benefit of having a personal connection with Silverback the brand.

Since July 2017, Silverback has grown by 280K fans on our Facebook and is currently increasing by 3,6% per month, meaning we have quadrupled our online presence by reaching and gaining engagement from a wider demographic. We have created multiple social media accounts, even VK to engage with our Russian fans.

It is a fundamental way for us to communicate, collaborate and create. We have maximized our exposure in humanizing our brand and giving Silverback a social touch. For the very first time in Silverback’s history, we reached a 100k views on YouTube. We desire to be faster, better, lighter in everything we do. #BornToBeFast

We focus on authentic partnerships. We focus on enhancing our relationship with our partners by offering exclusive online platforms such as a dedicated business to business portal to engage our customers on a personal level.

To elevate our company profile we believe in combining our efforts with respective market leaders, therefore we associate ourselves with great external company affiliates such as Volvo, Vodacom, Squirt Lube, UVEX, Best 4 Sport, Vye etc.

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